Aida Nikolaychuk - Whitney Houston - [ I Wanna Run To You] X-Factor 3

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Aida Nikolaychuk - Whitney Houston - [ I Wanna Run To You] X-Factor 3
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[ Video with English subtitles ] The judge has told that people sitting in a hall
have Internet and quantity of viewings on YouTube will not affect the decision of
judges ( the judge spoke about a song "The Lullaby" which has typed at that time
about 10 000 000 viewings on YouTube worldwide, and now this song has more than
100 000 000 viewings ).
Aida has won show "X-Factor-3"owing to strong support of usual people and it
could be adjusted properly on following performances. Aida cried in the end of
performance because it has not turned out to sing better. It is necessary to
understand, that popularity has fallen down a head of the usual girl which worked
as the cashier in shop and it did not expect such popularity.

The song "The Lullaby" can be looked here:


0:07 This year is difficult to sing, because to me now, a closer look and to raise the level of singing, and it's very difficult.

3:49 I understand that the people sitting behind me have internet.

4:04 A large number of views on YouTube will not affect the decision of the judges, and tomorrow you will know our decision.

4:16 Aida is very worried, because the performance of the song was wrong.

4:33 You said something insulting?

4:36 Why are you crying?

4:42 You can do it, why are you crying?

4:49 I know you can sing better.

4:55 Now it was up to me.

4:59 All is well. Do not criticize yourself.

5:05 You have to believe that everything will be fine, people believe in your success.

5:10 It was very nice that people applauded me.

5:13 We must believe in success. I am very glad that you have all turned out well.

5:24 You're doing fine. I love you very much.

5:29 We will wait for the decision of the judges. Do not worry.




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Aida Nikolaychuk - Whitney Houston - [ I Wanna Run To You] X-Factor 3 : iKiTMWmEbBo